Add Automated CV Filter

Follow these Steps

  1. Go to "Edit" mode of the pipeline
  2. Click on blue "Add Evaluation Stage" button on top right bottom. Then you will see a popup
  3. Enter a Stage Name. This is only for your reference (Stage Name cannot be changed later)
  4. Select "Auto CV Filter" as the Stage Type
  5. Add Keywords to scan one by one (better to use common, short keywords)
  6. Enter the required minimum keyword count (should be less than or equal to the total keyword count). This value will be taken as the pass/fail threshold value for candidates. If a candidate's CV has a less keyword count than this threshold value, he/she will get rejected automatically. Otherwise, he/she will be moved to the next stage automatically
  7. Click "Next"
  8. Check if everything is correct. If yes, click "Submit