Mandatory Company Settings

Just after you create the HireTrace account for your company, there are few essential settings you need to configure before you start hiring. In orde to do that, follow below steps.

Start Configuring

  1. Click on "Company Settings" from the side navigation bar on the left side.
  2. Make sure you are in "General" tab.
  3. Follow below steps.

Set Company Profile Details

  1. Click on the edit icon( ) located in top right corner of the "COMPANY PROFILE DETAILS" section.
  2. Upload your company's logo
  3. Enter a "Company Description" (this will be shown in shareable apply pages visible to candidates)
  4. Click "Submit".
  5. Follow below steps.

Now you have to configure the settings for Shareable Apply Job Pages (aka Vacancy Pages). These shareable links will be available when you create Hiring Pipelines.

Set Vacancy Page Settings

  1. Click on the edit icon( ) located in top right corner of the "VACANCY PAGE SETTINGS" section.
  2. Enter a "URL Prefix". This will be the prefix for all of your Shareable Apply Job Pages. This cannot be changed later. Use something with the company name. For an example: "companyXXX-jobs" or "companyXXX-careers". URL prefixes are unique, so if some other company is already using the prefix you entered, you will have to enter a different one.
  3. Enter a colour code for your Shareable Apply Job Pages. You can use the company's primary branding colour. Please note that you must enter a HEX code of the colour.
  4. Upload a banner image. This image will be visible when you share Shareable Apply Job Pages in social media platforms. It will increase the click rate of your link. Use this to attract candidates.
  5. Click "Submit".

Congratulation, now you have configured all essential settings. The next step would be create a hiring pipeline.