Conduct CV Reviews

Any user can be assigned as a reviewer for CV Review steps. If you have been assigned as a CV Reviewer, you will get email notifications when HireTrace assigned CVs to review by you. It is an automated process.

Whenever you received an email notification saying that " You have been assigned to conduct a CV Review", follow these steps.

Review Candidate CVs

  1. Login to your HireTrace account
  2. Go to "CV Reviews" tab in the left blue color sidebar
  3. There you will see one or more cards. Each card is a group of assigned CVs in different pipelines (vacancies)
  4. Click on blue "Start Review" button on the card
  5. Then, in the top panel, you will see some details about the vacancy and at the bottom you will see CVs assigned for your review
  6. Click on "Review" on any row.
  7. Then, in the top panel, you will see some details about the candidate and the Review Criteria given by your HR team (as a guideline to conduct the review)
  8. In the bottom, you will see the candidate CV.
  9. While doing the review you can write feedback comments on the right side Comments section (add one by one)
  10. At the end of the review, give an overall score to the candidate (from 1-10). Select the score in right side panel
  11. Click "Submit"
  12. It asks for the confirmation. If everything is fine, click "Yes,Submit"
  13. Continue this for all the assigned CVs

Your scores and feedback comments will be immediately available to the HR members through candidate profiles. Based on the overall score, the candidate will get pass/fail during the evaluation.