CV Reviews

CV review in HireTrace is almost similar to CV Shortlisting in traditional hiring practices. In traditional CV shortlisting practice someone has to manually distribute CVs among the reviewers and then need to collect their feedbacks manually. But, when you deal with large volumes of candidates it is a time consuming and inefficient task. When it's required to get multiple feedbacks from different reviewers for one candidate, the process becomes harder.

In contrast, HireTrace offers this feature called "CV Reviews", where you can automate manual CV shortlisting tasks. Basically, all you have to do is create a reviewer pool (a group of CV reviewers). HireTrace will automatically assign and distribute new candidate CVs among them automatically. The reviewers will get automatic email notifications when they get assigned to review a CV. Then they can just login to their HireTrace account, do the review and submit the review feedback to itself. HR teams can see the feedbacks attached to the candidate profiles.

Also, when you add a CV review stage to a hiring pipeline, you can set a minimum pass score (a threshold value as a percentage). When reviewers conduct the review, they can give a score to the candidate( 1 to 10). If the candidate has received more than the minimum pass score (we will convert 1-10 scale value to a percentage value), the candidate will be automatically moved to the next step. So, you don't have to manually process candidates one by one. Basically, you will define a threshold value and HireTrace use that value to pass or reject candidates automatically.