Hiring Pipelines Overview

Hiring Pipeline is a collection of hiring tasks with a specific order. For an instance in a traditional recruiting process, first you source candidate CVs, then shortlist them, then conduct interviews, finally you will send job offers for the selected candidates and hire them if they accept the offer. In HireTrace we have enabled you to attach these steps together into a single hiring workflow. Also, You can create separate hiring pipelines for different job vacancies depending on your requirement.

Follow this Steps to Start Hiring with Pipelines

  1. Create a Pipeline - Create a new empty pipeline by entering the job title, job description, required qualifications and roles & responsibilities.
  2. Add Evaluation Steps - Add different evaluation steps to the created pipeline. Such as CV review steps, interview steps etc.
  3. Activate the Pipeline - If the pipeline is ready, activate it to start hiring.
  4. Input Candidates - Use shareable link, upload CVs, invite candidates, options given in the pipeline to source candidates to the pipeline.

When you input candidates to the pipeline, candidates with automatically moved to the first evaluation step. Similarly, if the candidate successfully passed from the first evaluation step, he/she will be moved to the next step automatically. Otherwise the candidate will be marked as rejected in that evaluation step. This process will happen continually until a candidate reached to the filtered stage (where you see candidates who have successfully passed all evaluation steps).

For the candidates in "Filtered Stage", you can send job offers. Then, if they accepted the offer, you can move them to "Hired" stage.