You can add any number of Interview Steps to your pipelines. Add different interviews to evaluate candidates in different angles. Such as technical interviews, HR interviews, etc. First of all you need to have a pipeline. Then follow these steps;

Add Interview Step to a Pipeline

  1. Go to the "Edit" mode of the pipeline
  2. Click on blue "Add Evaluation Stage" button on top right bottom. Then you will see a popup
  3. Enter a Stage Name. This is only for your reference (Stage Name cannot be changed later)
  4. Select "Interview" as the Stage Type
  5. Enter a minimum pass score (1-100). This value will be taken as the pass/fail threshold value for candidates
  6. Enter a Review Criteria. This will be available for reviewers when the conduct the interview. Basically, you can give some guidelines to them on how to evaluate candidates during the interview
  7. Enter an Interview Guideline. This will be available for candidates after you schedule interviews. Basically, you can give some information about the interview so candidates can prepare accordingly
  8. Click "Next"
  9. Check if everything is correct. If yes, click "Submit"

Let's see how to schedule an interview.