Conduct Interviews

When you were assigned to conduct an interview as an Interviewer, you will get an email notification with the interview schedule details. Whenever, you receive that email, you need to login to your HireTrace account to RSVP that invitation.

Follow these steps to RSVP an Interview

  1. Go to "Interviews" tab in the left sidebar
  2. There you will see all the interviews assigned to you. One card represents a single interview
  3. On the top of the card, you can see it asks for your RSVP response
  4. Click on Yes to confirm your participation. Otherwise Click No
  5. If you click "Yes". You will see a popup. It shows all the details about the interview
  6. Click "Can Attend". (Your RSVP response is visible to users who has permission to interview scheduling)
  7. If you have connected your google or office 365 Calendar with the HireTrace account (To connect, Go to "My Settings" by clicking User Icon in top right corner of the dashboard. Then go to "Calendar Settings"), it will automatically create a calendar event for you

At the interview scheduled time you need to go to the "Interviews" tab and go inside the interview by clicking "Start Interview". There you will see all the details required to conduct the interview including the candidate CV.

If it's an online video interview you will see the video interview option. Click on "Start/Join Interview" to start. Whenever you start the interview candidate will receive an automated email notification with a link to join the interview. Similarly, other interviewers also can join in the same interview.

After the interview, make sure to update the interview status using the followng options.

Actions in Scheduled Interviews

  • Submit - If the interview conducted, submit feedback comments and overall score (1-10) to the candidate. Based on the overall score, the candidate will automatically get passed or failed. These details will be sent to the candidate profile.
  • I didn't attend - If you cound't attend the interview (as an interviewer), use this option to inform HR team.
  • Candidate didn't attend - If the candidate didn't attend the interview, use this option to inform HR team

After you choose any of the above options, the interview card will disappear from your account.