In HireTrace, you can handle both on-site interviews and online interviews easily. Also, it helps you to schedule interviews in an easy way.

First of all you need to add an Interview Step as an evaluation stage to your pipeline. When candidate reached to that stage, you will see alerts of pending interviews. Then you can schedule the interviews by assigning interviewers and selecting a time slot. HireTrace will send automated notifications to both interviewers and the candidate with a link to RSVP. You can see their RSVP responses in the same view attached to interview schedule. Similarly, if there are any issues, you can cancel or reschedule the interviews easily and HireTrace will notify interviewers and candidates accordingly. During the Scheduling, you can select the interview as an on-site or online. If it's an online, HireTrace has its own video interview tool you need to use. If it's an on-site interview, you can mention the location/address during Scheduling.

When conducting the interview, interviewers need to use interview view provided by the HireTrace, There, interviewers can view candidate details including the CV in a single view. Also, they can note down feedback comments and give a final score to the candidate in the same view. This makes the interview process easier for both candidates and interviewers.