Job Offers

Usually, before you send a job offer, first you need to get approval from an authorised person. After getting the approval, you will have to send it to the candidate. Based on the candidate response, you might have to edit the offer. There are various tasks involved with a single job offer. When you deal with large volumes of candidates, it is not easy with traditional practices.

With the help of HireTrace, you can manage this entire process easily. It provides a single view where you can track all the job offers sent and their statuses. Also, you don't have to send manual emails to communicate about the job offers internally or with the candidates. It's all automated in HireTrace.

In order to prepare a job offer to a candidate, the candidate should be already in "Filtered Stage" of the pipeline. Which means candidate has already passed all the previous evaluation steps. Follow these steps to prepare a job offer for a candidate in "Filtered Stage".

Prepare a Job Offer

  1. Go to the Pipeline Where you have candidates in "Filtered Stage"
  2. Click on blue colour"Pending Candiates" number (this should be greater than zero) in "Filtered Stage" of the pipeline
  3. You will see all the candidates pending in "Filtered Stage"
  4. Click on the eye icon of the row, which belongs to the candidate you want to send an offer. It will open the candidate profile
  5. Scroll down to the "Filtered Stage Details". Click on "Prepare Offer". It will open a popup
  6. Enter the Job Title
  7. Enter the Allocation (department / project / section / branch which candidate getting allocated)
  8. Enter a description of the job offer
  9. Enter a package reference (if you have standard packages for employees, enter it here)
  10. Add Reviewers (Offer Approvers). Basically, when you submit the offer, reviewers have to approve it. (If there are no reviewers on the list, Go to Manage Users and add Reviewers as Users to the account)
  11. Click "Next"
  12. Check if everything is correct. If yes, click "Submit"

After you submit it, HireTrace will automatically send email notifications to the Reviewers (Offer Approvers) asking for approval. Also, you will be able to see the Job Offer details in "Offer Handling" tab (located in blue colour sidebar).

In order to move forward with the offer, you need to wait until reviewers approve it. If they rejeted it, you can either reject the candidate or you can edit the offer and resubmit for approval. After you get the approval, you can do following actions with the job offer.

Actions in Offer Handling

  • Edit Offer - If you want to edit the offer. However, after editing you will have to get the approval again.
  • Mark as Offer Sent - If you sent the job offer to the candidate, use this option to record it in HireTrace. So, later you can track it.
  • Send Offer Email - You can send the job offer email to the candidate (But first you need to connect a company email via, Company Settings => Integrations).
  • Mark As Offer Declined - If the candidate declined the offer, use this option to record it in HireTrace. So, later you can track it.
  • Mark As Offer Retracted - If you want to retract the offer. However, this will reject the candidate from "Offer Stage". You cannot undo this action.
  • Offer Accepted (Hired) - If the candidate accepted the offer, use this option to record it in HireTrace. This means the candidate has been hired. HireTrace will automatically push the candidate to the Hired Stage in the Pipeline. You will be able to see the candidate in "Pending Onboarding" tab

Let's see what happens in "Pending Onboarding" tab.