ATS Features

Become a Smart Recruiter with these Smart ATS Features

We got everything to streamline your company's entire hiring process while decreasing cost per hire and time to hire. Start building a collaborative hiring experience within the company

Multiple Candidate Evaluation Methods

Filter large number of candidates with multiple evaluation types

Filter top talent with your own evaluation strategies

Included with...
  • Automated CV Filters
  • CV Shortlisting
  • On-Site Interviews
  • Online Video Interviews
  • External Assesments

Interview Scheduling

Schedule interviews within few clicks. Send invites, collect RSVP from candidates, interviewers automatically

Recruitment Analytics

Sourcing channel performance, Time To Hire, Offer Acceptance Rate, Selection Ratio, etc.

Email Automation

Send automated emails to candidates. Such as welcome emails, rejection emails, etc.

Offer Handling

Handle and track sending job offers to candidates. From getting internal approval to candidate acceptance.

Google/ Office365 Calendar Sync

Automatically sync with your calendar to update event details such as interviews assigned.

Custom Job Pages

Get separate apply pages for each job vacancy. Share it in Linkedin, Facebook, Career Site, Job boards, etc.

HRIS Integration

Push hired candidates to your HRIS. Or export as a CSV and import directly to the HRIS.

Custom Permissions

On board your entire recruitment team with required permission levels. Maintain internal data privacy policies.

Unlimited Users

Build a collaborating recruitment process with your entire recruitment team without any additional charges.

Unlimited Vacancies

There are no limits for creating job pipelines. Scale your dynamic hiring capacities with the business.

Custom Hiring Pipelines

Build unique hiring workflows depending on the vacancy requirement. Combine multiple stages like CV reviews, interviews and find the best candidates. Use automation to reduce Time To Hire.

  • Unique Hiring Steps
  • Shareable Job Pages
  • Stage Level Analytics
  • Email Automation
  • Search Candidates
  • Vacancy Specific KPIs
HireTrace ATS custom hiring pipelines

Automated CV Filters

Filter out irrelevant CVs using our automated CV scanner. Use ATS automation to reduce your hiring efforts

Enter the mandatory keywords to look at, HireTrace ATS will choose the CVs accordingly. Stop wasting time on irrelevant CVs.

HireTrace ATS automated cv filters

Recruitment Analytics/ KPIs

Measure the efficiency of every little stage with your hiring process. Make sure to fix them to improve the recruitment productivity.

  • Time To Hire
  • Selection Ratio
  • Offer Acceptance Rate
  • Avg Processing Times
  • Sourcing Performance
  • Monthly Trends
HireTrace ATS recruitment analytics

Inbuilt Video Interview

No need to license expensive interview/ video chat tools. No need to open multiple different apps while doing the interview.

Our applicant tracking system offers a fully functional video interview tool which you can easily video chat with the candidate while checking the CV and note down feedback comments.

HireTrace ATS inbuilt video interviews

Maintain Candidate Profiles

Everything you want to know about the candidate in a well organized, single view.

  • Basic Details
  • Contact Details
  • Resume
  • Evaluation Feedbacks
  • Evaluation Scores
  • Evaluation Progress
HireTrace ATS candidate profiles

CV Reviews

Automatically distribute CVs among reviewers. All you have to do is create a reviewer pool. HireTrace will assign CVs to each reviewer equally.

Reviewers can easily conduct the review and submit their feedback and scores. HR members can see the progress.

HireTrace ATS cv reviews