Applicant Tracking System FAQs

ATS Frequently Asked Questions

Read more about most affordable applicant tracking system in the market. Check out these FAQs and see it answers your questions. If not, feel free to contact us via Customer Support Channels.


HireTrace is a cloud based recruitment management software/ applicant tracking system (aka ATS). It helps companies to manage their internal hiring process with the help of modern technology.
When following legacy recruitment practices while dealing with large volumes of candidates, it is really hard to maintain a good hiring efficiency. That is why you need HireTrace to automate most of your repetitive hiring tasks and reduce the workload. It makes candidate evaluation easy and collaborative.
HireTrace will help you to track candidate progress while automating repetitive tasks. Also, it will help to improve the hiring efficiency by providing important KPIs of your recruiting process. It enables a collaborative hiring environment to make better hiring decisions. In overall, it makes your recruiting team's life more easier.
HireTrace will reduce the hiring workload. So, you don't have to expand your hiring team constantly with the growing hiring needs.
Mainly, because of our flexible pricing model and the level of task automation. When using HireTrace, you can reduce the hiring workload by automating most of your common repetitive hiring tasks. Also, with our unique pricing model, you only have to pa when you actually use the tool to evaluate candidates. In other tools it doesn't matter you use it or not, Still have to pay a fixed fee every month.
Absolutely yes. You get to use all our features and just pay for the acutual usage. That is why HireTrace is ideal for SMEs.
Absolutely yes. With our highly scalable features you can continuously optimise the hiring process. Measure every stage with our important KPIs while reducing the hiring cost.

Free Trial & Billing

No you don't need a credit card to start the free trial. Just create the account and start hiring.
Yes. You will get access to all the features of HireTrace when you create an account.
After 14days free trial period, you will get an email notification on the expiration. And you can continue to use HireTrace features without any issues. However, you will get billed for the usage after that.
On every month HireTrace will generate a bill based on the usage of number of candidates registered and the total video interview minutes (per attendee). It will happen on 25th date and will receive an email notification to company admins's email address. Then you have 7 days to pay the bill. If there are no new candidates and video interviews, they you will not get a bill for that month.

Setup / Onboard

Just click on the "Get Started Free" button on the top right corner. Enter your company's name, your email and password. Then you will be asked to verify the email address. Then start adding your recruiting team members and start hiring.
No. HireTrace is a cloud based software. You just have to go to https://hiretrace.io URL using a web browser. You can access your HireTrace account from any computer with an internet access.
Sure. Please click on the "Request a Demo" button on the top right corner. Then submit your details and pick a suitable time slot. Our customer support team will reach to you shortly for further arrangements.
After you create an account, there is an option called "Manage Users". There you can add any number of users to your account.

Customer Support

You can contact our customer support team via email or live chat. Please visit https://hiretrace.io/customer-support for more details.
Our customer support team available on 24hrs from Monday to Friday.
Absolutely yes. Your data security is our priority. We keep highest security standards to maintain the platform and the data.
99.9% uptime guaranteed. Our highly available infrastructure setup ensures that.