Create a Hiring Pipeline

Follow these steps to create a new pipeline

  1. Go to Hiring Pipelines tab (https://hiretrace.io/app/company/pipelines)
  2. Click on "Create New Pipeline" button on top right corner. Then you will see a popup
  3. Enter a pipeline name. Use unique names (pipeline name cannot be changed later)
  4. Select a suitable department from the drop down (department cannot be changed later)
  5. Enter the job position of the vacancy (position cannot be changed later)
  6. Enter the job description and click "Next"
  7. Click "Add Qualifications" to add qualifications one by one
  8. Click "Add Resposibilities" to add roles and responsibilities one by one
  9. Click "Next"
  10. Check if everything is correct. If yes, click "Submit"

Now you have created a new empty pipeline. If you need to edit anything, learn how to edit pipeline. Then learn how to add evaluation steps to the pipeline.